Most important roller derby gears for utmost safety

Roller derby is the greatest sport on wheels and involves lots of mental and physical strength. Along with watching the game, trying roller derby by yourself is also every exciting. While some people try it just for excitement, others enjoy it for getting lean and in shape. No matter what your reason to try Roller Derby padded shorts is, you need to know what all is necessary to become a good roller derby player. There are many things that you need for roller derby and the most important one is a good pair of skates. Your skates should be light in weight as well as tough. You need skates that are built for speed and not the crappy slow skates.

After skates, the next important thing is the roller derby gear. Roller Derby padded shorts game involves lots of falling and collisions, thus you need to protect yourself using great equipment. The first gear that you need is the helmet. Always look for a good quality helmet and not the cheap ones, as it is going to protect you against unwanted head injuries. Your helmet should be light in weight, high performance, and low profile. You can choose half face helmet or the full face as per your requirement. It must contain multiple vents to keep your head cool so that there will be no problem of sweating.

POC 2.0 padded shorts

POC 2.0 padded shorts

Next important gear is the good quality knee pad. As roller derby involves lots of falling, knee pad is the most important roller derby gearas it makes you capable to get up for skating again. It is the most important category after helmet, so you must look for certain features in the knee pads. The knee guard should have replaceable caps. As you tend to fall more likely, your knee pad is likely to crack. But if it has replaceable knee caps, then you need not to worry much. You can easily put on and off your knee pad without removing them. Always prefer the knee pad with butterfly enclosure as you can easily wear it whenever you want. Even if you are wearing your shoes or skates, you don’t need to remove any of them for wearing the knee pad. For sung fit, knee pad must have adjustable strap.

When it comes to elbow pad, choose the one that is light in weight and flexible. You can go for either the open strap or the pull on design elbow pads. Flexibility of the elbow pad is most important feature as a stiff elbow pad restricts movement. Although, there are many other Roller derby elbow pads  gears such as mouth guard, wrist guard, ankle protectors which are also necessary for the complete protection during roller derby sport.


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